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aMember Plugins

aMember Plugins

  • Paddle Billing Plugin for aMember
    Paddle Billing is the evolution of Paddle Classic, and is the default billing API for Paddle accounts created after August 8th, 2023. Features local currency payments, intelligent dunning to recover failed payments, account locking on chargeback and more.
  • Kinesis Pay Plugin for aMember
    Add Kinesis Pay to your aMember site and let your customers make fast, hassle-free payments with gold and silver. Plus, signup using my referral link, and get 0.5 KAG as a reward when you meet the reward criteria.
  • PDF Certificate Plugin for aMember
    Perfect for membership sites wishing to issue membership certificates, course completion certificates or even event tickets. More info »
  • Facebook Conversions Plugin for aMember
    Robust Facebook pixel and CAPI based conversion tracking with multiple conversion points for funnel tracking. More info »
  • Mailgun Webhooks Plugin for aMember
    For aMember sites using MailGun as Email Sending method. The plugin keeps your aMember database clean and email deliverability high by validating member emails, and unsubscribing (and optionally locking out) members who make spam complaints or whose email address bounces.
  • Extended Access Plugin for aMember
    Offer a subscription product that grants extended access to protected Files and Links for eligible products the member purchased in the past. We use this plugin to offer an "updates" licence for all plugins a customer has bought in the past.
  • Checkout Countdown Plugin for aMember
    Lets you add a countdown timer brick to your signup form, which can countdown to a fixed or relative (evergreen) date. Once the timer expires, you can set it to disable checkout, disappear, or just display an expired message.
  • Block EU Plugin for aMember
    Selling to the European Union countries is a VAT accounting nightmare that costs small businesses thousands per year. Avoid this onerous burden by blocking sales to EU customers... and any other countries that suit your needs.
  • HMRC Exchange Rates Plugin for aMember
    This plugin automatically updates your aMember currency exchange rates with HMRC official Exchange Rates. It can also optionally add a GBP VAT Summary to non-GBP VAT invoices, as required by HMRC.
  • Spambot Blocker Plugin for aMember
    Are you sick of deleting countless spam accounts every day? Fix that with this plugin! More info »
  • Social Coupon Plugin for aMember
    Offer a discount coupon to people who complete a specified social action, including Facebook like, Linkedin share, Twitter tweet or follow. More info »
  • Expire on Upgrade Plugin for aMember
    Lets you to expire existing subscription(s) automatically when a member orders a new product, allowing you to ‘upgrade’ members to higher level products. More info »
  • Expire Button Plugin for aMember
    Adds a button on invoices which you, as administrator, can use to expire product subscriptions. Once clicked, the relevant product(s) in the invoice are expired immediately. More info »
  • Legacy aMember Plugins
    Free access to our range of life expired plugins for aMember. Use them how you like, but understand there is ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT OR UPDATES available for them any more.
  • Trust Vega IPN Plugin for aMember
    Automatically submits a Trust Vega review request when the user receives a subscription to an eligible product they don't already have.
  • AWtomator IPN Plugin for aMember
    Lets you replace the AWeber newsletter plugin(s) with AWtomator's fine tuned automation platform.

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