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Kinesis Pay Plugin for aMember

Kinesis Pay Plugin for aMember

Kinesis Pay (KPay) is an innovative payment system that lets your customers make fast, hassle-free payments with gold and silver. The Kinesis Pay plugin for aMember lets you use KPay with aMember Pro.

Signup to Kinesis using my referral link, and get 0.5 KAG as a reward when you meet the reward criteria.

Features include:

  • Realtime Pricing - Your customers will get a spot rate in Gold (KAU) and Silver (KAG) at the moment of ordering.
  • Payments Cleared In Seconds - Your customer simply scans a QR code (or uses the payment link) and confirms the payment in their Kinesis App. Payments clear in seconds, just like credit card payments!
  • Inflation Protection - Avoid the volatility of crypto and safeguard your revenue from inflation with gold and silver. 
  • Earn A Yield - Receive a monthly return on all gold and silver held in your Kinesis account.
  • No Chargebacks - Sales in honest money are final. If a customer wants a refund, you have to authorize it.
  • Same Day Setup - Start accepting gold and silver payments for your business the same day.
  • Low Fees - You (the merchant) are charged a 0.45% fee for processing a payment with Kinesis Pay. There are no additonal fees for your customers to pay with gold and silver.
  • Price adjustment - You can incentivize payment in honest money by adding an automatic discount if the payment is made by KPay. Or add a premium if needed. 

Limitations: Kinesis Pay currently only supports user initiated payments, so you cannot use it for recurring subscriptions. It also only works for products priced in USD (though this limitation should hopefully be removed soon)

Order below and start accepting payments in honest money.

Current version: v2.1- Requires aMember v6.x and PHP v7.4 or higher

IMPORTANT: This free plugin is provided with 6 months of updates as a courtesy, but does not include any support. Please purchase my VIP Updates Licence to get support and/or continued updates after the 6 month free period.


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