‘Expire on Upgrade’ plugin for aMember

This plugin allows you to expire existing subscription(s) automatically when a member orders a new product, allowing you to ‘upgrade’ members to higher level products.

Why would you want this?

  • Use it to create product ‘upgrade’ paths
    Perhaps your membership site has ‘gold’, ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’ membership levels, but it makes no sense for a member to have an active subscription to more than one level. With the Expire on Upgrade plugin, you can automatically expire the lower level subscriptions if the member upgrades to a higher level product.
  • Use it to clean up
    Perhaps you offer a free/trial product which a member no longer needs once they order a main product. The Expire on Upgrade plugin lets you automatically expire these un-needed subscriptions when the member orders the main product.

You can set the products which should be expired for each product billing plan, which gives you maximum flexibility.

This plugin automates expiry of products when an invoice is raised. If you want to be able to expire products manually via the Admin area, please see our Expire Button plugin (it’s free!).

NB: This plugin can ONLY expire subscriptions controlled by aMember (e.g. one off subscription payments and recurring subscriptions using a Credit Card plugin). It CANNOT cancel subscriptions controlled by a third party, such as PayPal or Clickbank.

Plugin requires aMember v6 and PHP 7.2 or higher. The full source code is visible, so you can customise to your needs. Your purchase allows you a lifetime licence to use the Expire on Upgrade plugin on all aMember sites you personally own. Plus, you also get free email support and the ability to re-download the plugin and any updates / bug-fixes for a period of 6 months from date of purchase.

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If you require support for this plugin, please contact us here.

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