New Plugins for aMember 4 now available

We are pleased to announce that there are three new aMember v4 plugins now available Spambot Blocker Are you plagued by spam signups on your aMember site? Does your heart sink when the customer you thought you acquired turns out to be junk? Are you sick of deleting countless spam accounts every day? Then you might … Read more

OpenID Plugin for aMember v3 now free (life expired)

Our OpenID Plugin for aMember is a simple to install plugin which lets your members login to your site using an OpenID – including their Google, Yahoo, AOL, WordPress or Blogger account. As with our legacy aMember v3 Facebook plugin, your members can access their subscriptions on your site by logging in with their OpenID … Read more

How to connect your aMember site to Facebook!

There is no denying that Facebook is fast becoming THE PLACE people choose to spend their time online. In fact, Facebook users share more than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) each month. How useful would it be if your members could login to your membership … Read more