New Plugins for aMember now available

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Rob Woodgate



We are pleased to announce that there are three new aMember plugins now available

Spambot Blocker

Are you plagued by spam signups on your aMember site? Does your heart sink when the customer you thought you acquired turns out to be junk? Are you sick of deleting countless spam accounts every day?

Then you might want to take a look here.

Social Coupon

Our Social Coupon plugin allows you to offer a discount coupon to people who complete a specified social action, including Facebook ‘like’, Google Plusone, Linkedin share, Twitter tweet or Twitter follow.

It’s a great way to encourage and reward viral recommendations from the people who really matter – your customers!

More details here.

Facebook Conversions

The Facebook Conversions plugin for aMember makes it simple to add Facebook ad conversion tracking to your aMember site, so there’s no more guessing whether your Facebook ads are giving you a return on investment.

More details here.

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