Create dynamic campaigns with AWtomator for AWeber

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Rob Woodgate



I’m really excited to announce that our latest project – the AWtomator marketing automator for AWeber – is now taking on beta users.

AWtomator gives AWeber users the kind of behavioural dynamic campaign tools that you’d normally only find in premium systems like InfusionSoft.

The key elements are Link and Automation Events, which let you move/copy, tag or jump last message number for your subscribers based either on special links they click in your emails or based on the position they are at in your autoresponder sequence.

Dynamic campaigns really help to build goodwill and increase sales because instead of bombarding your subscribers with messages they may not want or need, you can start delivering messages based on the actions your subscribers take.

Use the beta key code “cogblog” to get a jump start and join in the private beta


Ps – the beta key (cogblog) is good for 100 uses.

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