Expire Button for aMember

The current version of this plugin is: v2.0

This plugin generates a button on invoices which you, as administrator, can use to expire product subscriptions. Once clicked, the relevant product(s) in the invoice are expired immediately.

Why would you want this?

If you upgraded from version 3 of aMember, you probably got used to the ability to change product subscriptions at will. aMember 4 tightened up on invoicing (rightly so), but this has taken away some of the flexibility of the old version.

The Expire button for aMember brings back some of this flexibility – for example:

  • Use it to create ‘doorway’ or ‘application’ products
    Perhaps your club or membership organisation requires you to validate your members in some way before allowing them certain products or levels of membership – for example, you may wish to check their qualifications or credentials.With the expire button plugin, you can create a lifetime ‘application’ or ‘upgrade’ product which allows ordering of your main membership product on expiry (using aMember’s product rules).You then have a ready made ‘todo list’ of active subscribers to awaiting your attention, and authorising them is a simple matter of expiring their subscription to the ‘application’ product using the expire button.
  • Use it to terminate a subscription
    What do you do if you find someone is abusing your terms of service? You probably want to terminate their subscription, right? If they are outside the refund period or you want to give a partial refund and manually and stop access, you are a bit stuck.Not so with the Expire button. One click and the subscriptions are history…
  • Use it to clean up
    If you have recurring subscriptions to multiple related products (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold etc) then chances are you’ll end up with some overlaps in subscriptions dates when a member upgrades. With the Expire button you can clean up unwanted subscriptions by expiring them immediately.

You can set the products which the expire button will work on, and also set text of the expire button as you wish (e.g. ‘expire’, ‘accept’, ‘approve’, ‘terminate’ etc)

The plugin is easily worth $27…
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Ps – If you want to be able to expire certain products automatically when a customer orders a new  product, then please check out our Expire on Upgrade plugin.

Requires aMember v6 or higher and PHP 7.2 or higher

If you require support for this plugin, please contact us here.


  • 2020-06-16 v2.0 – Update for PHP7.x, compatibility for aMember 6.x
  • 2017-05-19 v1.2 – Made access lookup more efficient
  • 2017-05-05 v1.1 – Compatibility with 5.2.x
  • 2012-05-30 v1.0 – Plugin Created

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