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Paddle Billing Plugin for aMember

Paddle Billing Plugin for aMember

The Paddle Billing plugin for aMember brings together the best of class membership system (aMember) with the best of class Merchant ot Record payment provider (Paddle) to increase your revenue, reduce your compliance costs, and make your aMember site truly global.

Features include:

  • Localized Pricing - You can offer automatic conversion to your customer's local currency, and present payment options most popular in that country as part of the aMember checkout flow.
  • Multiple Payment Options - As well as debit and credit cards, you can offer wire transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, IDEAL and AliPay.
  • Intelligent Dunning - Integrates with Paddle's Retain add-on to increase customer retention by optimizing payment retries and card update reminders.
  • No VAT headaches - Paddle is a "Merchant of Record" (MoR) payment provider, so they effectively resell your aMember products to your customers. The result is they (not you) handle the global VAT and tax side of things.
  • Fraud Lockouts - The plugin can automatically lock the member account if a chargeback is received to minimize the risk of fraud.
  • Direct Payments - The plugin is designed to use the aMember product catalog as the primary source of product information and sales, but if you do have products and subscriptions set up in Paddle, you can initiate sales outside of the standard aMember signup flow and feed them into aMember automatically.
  • Product Images - Uses product images from your products, aMember cart, or a default image to help customers recognize the product(s) they have bought.

Current version: v2.4.1 - Requires aMember v6.x and PHP v7.4 or higher

IMPORTANT: This free plugin is provided with 6 months of updates as a courtesy, but does not include any support. Please purchase my VIP Updates Licence to get support and/or continued updates after the 6 month free period.


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