Spambot Blocker Plugin for aMember

The current version of this plugin is: v2.5

Antispam botAre you plagued by spam signups on your aMember site?

Does your heart sink when the customer you thought you acquired turns out to be junk? Are you sick of deleting countless spam accounts every day?

We were… so that’s why we created the Spambot Blocker plugin.

It has cut down the spam signup rate on our own sites from over 93 per day to Zero!

Features of the plugin include:

  • FOUR detection methods:
    With a choice of up to four ways of detecting and blocking spam signups, you can stop even the most sophisticated spambots dead in their tracks. (We’d tell you more, but we don’t want to give the bot makers the heads up!)
  • Far superior to CAPTCHA:
    Let’s face it, while CAPTCHA sounds like a great idea, the reality is that most sophisticated spambots can bypass it. All it does is hamper your real customers as they try to signup. This plugin does away with the need for CAPTCHA altogether!
  • Block Logging
    Every spam signup blocked is logged with the reason why. This makes it simple to tweak the detection settings as needed. It is also mighty satisfying to see all those bots blocked from creating accounts!
  • No extra hoops for your users to jump through
    Spambot Blocker works entirely in the background – it doesn’t add any extra hoops to your signup process – so your real users will never know it was there. So unlike CAPTCHA or email confirmation, which just get in the way of signup flow and lose you real customers, the only inconvenience it will cause is to those pesky bots.
  • Simple to Install
    No programming knowledge required. Simply drop the plugin file into your aMember plugins folder, configure the options you want and away you go!
  • Unencrypted Code, Unlimited Personal Licence
    The full source code is visible, so you can customise to your needs. Your purchase allows you a lifetime licence to use this plugin on all aMember sites you personally own.
  • Comes With 6 Months Support / Updates
    You also get free email support and the ability to re-download the plugin and any updates / bug-fixes for a period of 6 months from date of purchase.

Order now for just $97.00

Requires aMember v6 or higher and PHP v7.4 or higher

What Customers Say…

If you require support for this plugin, please contact us here.


  • 2024-01-22 v2.5 – Accommodates form page break at end of form
  • 2022-05-03 v2.4 – Fix for affiliate signups
  • 2021-10-18 v2.3 – Updated row hiding for am-prefixed css
  • 2021-03-27 v2.2 – Updated signature for custom brick
  • 2021-03-23 v2.1 – Added email verification check
  • 2020-07-03 v2.0 – Update to v6 cookie (Am_Cookie)
  • 2014-05-08 v1.2 – Fixed error due to plugin conflict
  • 2014-01-30 v1.1 – Fixed missing class issue
  • 2013-06-23 v1.0 – Plugin Created

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