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SendGrid Webhooks Plugin for aMember

SendGrid Webhooks Plugin for aMember

For aMember sites using SendGrid as Email Sending method. The plugin keeps your aMember database clean and email deliverability high by validating member emails, and unsubscribing (and optionally locking out) members who make spam complaints or whose email address bounces.

Also supports SendGrid unsubscribe tracking in case you want to use that instead of aMember's built in mechanism.

Can also optionally track engagement (clicks and opens) via SendGrid by updating the member's Email Confirmation Date, which can then be used as a filter when emailing/browsing users. It is also displayed in the member record.

Features include:

  • Mass Validation - check all your users have a deliverable email domain at any time
  • Validate on Signup - prevent signup spam/typos by validating the email domain is deliverable
  • Automatic unsubscribe - on spam complaint or permanent failure (bounce) with note to explain the reason
  • Optional Account Lock - on spam complaint and / or permanent failure
  • Optional Admin Email - sent whenever the plugin unsubscribes / locks an account
  • Optional Temporary Fail Log - add a user note whenever an email to them fails to be delivered
  • Optional Engagement Tracking - track SendGrid opens/clicks via the member's Email Confirmation Date

Read more about this plugin, and why you really should be using a transactional email provider.

Current version: v1.0 - Requires aMember v6.x and PHP v7.4 or higher


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