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Checkout Countdown Plugin for aMember

Checkout Countdown Plugin for aMember

Lets you add a countdown timer brick to your signup form, which can countdown to a fixed or relative (evergreen) date. Once the timer expires, you can choose the expiry action to perform.

The expiry action options are:

  • Disable checkout (default): When the countdown expires, the signup form will be disabled, preventing orders. This option is ideal for custom signup forms with time-limited offers.
  • Hide Countdown: This option leaves the form checkout active, and just hides the countdown banner when the timer expires. This option is ideal for offering forms with time-limited coupons auto-applied. Simply set the coupon brick to expire at the same time as the countdown timer.
  • Do nothing: This option simply displays a custom message when the timer expires. This option is ideal for building anticipation for an upcoming sale/offer. You can, for example, set a coupon to auto-apply at certain date, and then countdown to that offer starting.

For evergreen / relative dates (eg: "1 day 4 hours") you can choose how long after the countdown expires until the evergreen timer resets. This lets you, for example, guarantee the offer until mignight, disable checkout for an hour, then reset for another day.

Current version: v3.1 - Requires aMember v6.x and PHP v7.4 or higher.


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