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Block EU Plugin for aMember

Block EU Plugin for aMember

Selling to the European Union countries is a VAT accounting nightmare, making it administratively and financially prohibitive for smaller businesses using regular payment providers like Stripe, PayPal etc.

According to the EU Parliament, the cost of VAT compliance is about EUR15,000 (US $16,000) PER YEAR!

This plugin helps smaller businesses avoid the onerous burden of EU VAT by blocking orders from EU customers, with the option to tailor the list of blocked countries to your exact needs.

Restrictions can be lifted for selected paysystems. This allows you, for example, to block direct payments (Stripe, PayPal etc) but allow wholesale "Merchant of Record" payments (Paddle, ClickBank etc) as the VAT is handled by them for you.

If you are using the aMember EU VAT Tax module, you can optionally allow B2B orders from users who have entered an EU VAT ID (as EU businesses generally account for their own VAT under the reverse charge procedure).

You can also choose to allow or block free signups from blocked countries.

It could literally save you thousands in fees (or fines) if the Brussels bureaucrats get their way.

Current version: v4.0 - Requires aMember v6.x and PHP v7.4 or higher


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