OpenID Plugin for aMember v3 now free (life expired)

Our OpenID Plugin for aMember is a simple to install plugin which lets your members login to your site using an OpenID – including their Google, Yahoo, AOL, WordPress or Blogger account.

As with our legacy aMember v3 Facebook plugin, your members can access their subscriptions on your site by logging in with their OpenID compatible account.

And if they don’t already have an account, it will pre-fill their name and email on the signup form using their information.

Plus, you can optionally to allow members to automatically create an account on your site with one click and even give them a complimentary subscription to one of your products if you wish.

This plugin had many satisfied customers who willing paid $40 for it, but with the release of aMember 4 last year, this plugin is now ‘life expired’ and we’re offering it to users of aMember version 3 for free.

Yep, free. Nada nix.

Use it however you like, but please note there is ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT OR UPGRADES available for this old plugin any more. And really, you should look to upgrade to aMember v4… it rocks!

With that said, you can get the plugin as part of our free ‘Legacy v3 Plugins’ membership.