Facebook Connect Plugin for aMember v3 now free (life expired)

The Simple, Easy To Use Facebook Connect Plugin for aMember v3.x Means That Finally…

“You Too Can Open Your Doors To Facebook’s 400 MILLION Users… No Coding Skills Needed!”

There is no denying that Facebook is fast becoming THE PLACE people choose to spend their time online.

In fact, Facebook users share more than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) each month.

How useful would it be if your members could login to your membership site using their Facebook ID?

And if new members had their signup form pre-filled with information from Facebook?

And how many more members could you get if members could share it with their friends at the click of a button?

There is a new, easy to use Facebook Connect Plugin for aMember that will help you open your doors to Facebook’s 400 MILLION Users…

No Coding Skills Needed!

This plugin had many satisfied customers who willing paid $57 for it, but with the release of aMember 4, this plugin is now ‘life expired’ and we’re offering it to users of aMember version 3 for free.

Yep, free. Nada nix.

Use it however you like, but please note there is ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT OR UPGRADES available for this old plugin any more. And really, you should look to upgrade to aMember v4… it rocks!

With that said, you can get the plugin as part of our free ‘Legacy v3 Plugins’ membership.

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