Email Queue Plugin for aMember v3.x Now Free (Life Expired)

The simple, easy to use Email Queue Plugin for aMember v3.x means no more wondering…

“Are You Sure Your Emails Are Getting Through?”

If you are running aMember versions 3.1.2 to 3.2.4 on shared hosting, then sooner or later you’ll hit your web host’s hourly email limit.

Many web hosts only allow you to send 200-250 emails per hour. If you send more than your quota, they simply throw the extras away – often without telling you!

So your members could be missing out on their newsletters, billing and expiry notices and your autoresponder sequence…

With Email Queue for aMember, you can set the batch size to work with whatever hourly email limit your web host sets.

This plugin had many satisfied customers who willing paid $97 for it, but with the release of email queueing functionality from v3.3.0 onwards, this plugin is now ‘life expired’ and we’re offering it to users of aMember versions 3.1.2 to 3.2.4 for free.

Yep, free. Nada nix.

Use it however you like, but please note there is ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT OR UPGRADES available for this old plugin any more. And really, you should look to upgrade to aMember v4… it rocks!

With that said, you can get the plugin as part of our free ‘Legacy v3 Plugins’ membership.

And here’s a handy installation video:

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